The digital intraoral scan enables to do without putty-based impressions with trays. Scan data are sent to the computer and rendered to create an 3D model. This procedure is particulary suitable for patients with a pronounced gag reflex.

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Space maintainers are intended to replace missing deciduous teeth. One of the tasks of deciduos teeth is to keep the necessary space free for the permanent teeth in the jaw. If deciduous teeth are lost prematurely, there is a risk that the neighboring teeth will tip over or move into the space, so that the path for the permanent tooth is blocked. It either erupt into incorrect position or remains stuck in the bone. To avoid this, space maintainers are important and useful devices.


During the early stages in the dentition development, so in the primary teeth, we check and treat tooth and jaw position, also malfunctions that could affect growth and undisturbed development.

We advise on, for example, habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, wrong posture, oral myofunctional disorders. Severe dysgnathias, cleft lip and palate also as injury-related jaw position require special attention and control.



In patients during the late mixed and permanent dentition, all proven methods in orthodontics in diagnosis and therapy can be applied. Fixed braces come into foreground for orthodontic appliances. But also removable braces and functional orthodontics can be indicated.

Photo on the right: Functional regulator according to Fränkel (type III); this is a removable appliance, that lies loosely in the mouth.The buccal and front shields stimulate the muscles and cause a muscle tension to regulate bone growth in both the upper and lower jaw.


The treatment of adult patients requires a specially detailed planning and advice. Diagnosis and therapy have to be oriented on different biological conditions than to juvenile tissue and alternative options of treatment have to be discussed carefully with the patient.



Cooperation with medical relevant areas general dentistry, pediatrics, ear, nose and throat medicine, orthopedics, maxillofacial surgery, speech therapy, physical therapy, osteopathy is applied.


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